Welcome to The "Million Metres 4 Melanoma" Speakeasy Fun Casino Night.


Saturday 20th July 2019 7:00pm

Celebrate in style with our 1920's event at Fortitude Vally. Even Mr Gatsby will be jealous of this gathering of stylish flappers & gangsters.

Forget the RSL or the local pub, Saturday July 20th is the night that Lightspace becomes "The Speakeasy Lounge", and you will want to be there! The Event will feature Casino games, a Private Bar (private due to Prohibition), BBQ food, lucky door prizes & raffles (Fun money is used for this event, your ticket price includes $500.00 of fun money.)

Venue: Lightspace, 2 Scanlan St, Fortitude Valley QLD 4006. Event starts at 6:30 pm.

Supporting: Million Metres for Melanoma.

Please contact: Renea Howell on 0409 614 654 to enquire about tickets. You can also email. Click here.

For direct and instant purchase of tickets please follow this link. Tickets.

If you wish to sponsor this event (Sponsors are always appreciated), please contact Kirsty Taylor 0400 083 267 or Renea above.

Please note: ticket sales will be cut off opprox 1 week prior to the event and numbers are limited so don't delay.

If you have already bought your tickets, you are in for a night of fun filled Vegas style entertainment. After walking the red carpet, you will be greeted by a full casino featuring Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Money Wheel and Poker. BBQ food will be available and there will be a bar for refreshments. There are also door prizes and around the room will be various promo staff with raffle tickets for purchase throughout the night.

Your $60.00 ticket price will include a cocktail on arrival and a $500 fun money note (Mob money) to use on the casino tables. More fun money can be purchased on the night for a nominal fee of $10.00 for another $500 fun note or $20.00 for another $1500.00 in fun notes.which also goes to supporting Million Metres for Melanoma. Anyone can play, and if you have never been to a casino, this is the event to be at. If you don't want to play the casino games, there will be music, dancing, raffles and plenty of socialising.

Funds raised go to Million Metres for Melanoma, for information on the fantastic work that they do please Click here.

Below is some information about the games that will be available to play, you can't lose any money so come and have a go! At the end of the night we will award a trophy to the high roller of the evening.

Only $60.00 for a great night of entertainment!! In support of a great Charity

Charity 1920's

How to play the Casino games.


So you are planning to attend the Million Metres for Melanoma  1920's Casino Fun Night. You are here because you have no idea what it is about.

Don't worry, you are with 95% of Australia. Fun Casino events were relatively unheard of in Australia until recently. Given that so little is known about what we do, here are some instructions on how to play the games and also how our fun casino nights work.

On arrival, you (the guest) will be given some fun money by the host of your event. When the casino tables open, it is just like a real casino except there is no real money to lose. You take your $500 Fun Money note to any of the Casino tables to be changed for chips. You can then play at any of the tables for the duration of the event. If you run out of fun money but want to keep on playing, you can purchase another note for a small donation.

At the end of the casino, we ask all participants to return their chips to the tables.

We count the value of the chips held by each player and a trophy is awarded to the ‘High Roller’, the player that has the most money at the end of the evening.


If you are not sure how to play the games, our friendly croupiers can give you a brief lesson. But if you want to get a head start on your competition for the trophy, please read below. For instructions and details of the games please click on the picture of the game you would like to learn about.



Blackjack night fun

Blackjack is a game of cards played against the dealer. Similar to pontoon or 21 as most people would call it. Try to get as close to 21 as you can without going over, and make sure your total is higher than the dealer. Please click on the above image to learn how to play in detail.



Roulette Fun Casino

Roulette is a game of chance with players placing bets on a layout with the winning bets determined by a ball landing in a numbered division of the Roulette Wheel. Please click on the above image to learn how to play in detail.


Money Wheel:

Money Wheel Big Wheel, chocolate wheel

The Money Wheel is also sometimes referred to as the Big Wheel, Chocolate Wheel or Big Six. It is a simple game where you bet on which segment of the wheel will stop at the top. The number that stops is the winning number and the winning odds. This is often the game of chioce for guests who have never been to a casino before as it is not overly complicated. Please click on the above image to learn how to play in detail.



Craps table

Craps (sometimes just referred to as “Dice”) can appear to be a very confusing and intimidating game for the first timer.  With over a 100 betting combinations and croupiers who appear to speak a different language when dealing this game, it is no wonder that many people at a casino prefer the simpler games.  Craps can be a fun and exciting game with the players rolling the dice to determine the outcome. Please click on the above image to learn how to play the basics.



Poker is a game played against other players with the dealer facilitating the game but not participating. The game most commonly played at Fun casino events is "Texa Hold'em Poker" which is also played in many pubs and clubs. Please click on the above image to learn how to play in detail.


Sic Bo:

Sic Bo table

Sic Bo is a fun game using dice. With huge odds of up to 180 to 1 it is an entertaining and exciting game not often seen in a fun casino environment. Please click on the above image to learn how to play in detail.